One of the most advanced precast products. Millions of square meters of hollowcore slabs are used every year in the
building constructions all over the world (villas, multistorey buildings, car parks, schools and shopping malls, etc.) where high quality control and safety standards are guaranteed at the Precast Plant.
Hollowcore slabs are used mainly for flooring and roofing, but can also be used for wall purposes.

Hollowcore slabs give the following advantages:
a.) Lighter compared to equivalent cast in situ solid slab,thus material savings in design of all structural components
b.) Provide excellent fire resistance and sound resistance
c.) Smooth and excellent soffits for painting works
d.) Fast erection, thus savings in time and manpower
e.) Designed according to ACI, PCI and CPCI international codes
f.) Overall savings in Time, Labor, Shuttering, Scaffolding & Building Materials

Bina standard slab types are 150mm,200mm, 265mm, 320mm, 400mm and 500mm deep with 1200mm width