Bina Precast produces wall elements with the latest technology, machineries and know-how. Wall elements like sandwich (insulated) panels, cladding panels or solid walls (load bearing or non-load bearing) are produced on horizontal, flat-steel surfaced tilting tables.

Precast Concrete Wall Panel system gives the following advantages :
a.) More freedom for architectural design b.) Economical, low maintenance cost due to its excellent quality concrete
c.) Unique visual appearance and image for the building due to availability of widerange surface options
d.) Can be used for all types of building like villas, multi-storey buildings, car parks, schools and shopping malls etc.
e.) Electrical conduits and other required cast in parts can be incorporated into the element during production stage.
f.) Fast erection, thus savings in time and manpower
g.) Higher quality control & safety standards are guaranteed at the Precast Plant
h.) Designed according to ACI, PCI and CPCI international codes
i.) Overall savings in Time, Labor, Shutter ing, Scaffolding & Building Materials