We are pleased in the group of "Bina Holding", the launch of the website's of Bina Precast company to represent this channel to communicate directly with existing and potential customers and our strategic partners who cherish them all.
And the grace of God, with the effort and continuous of the hard work of our team, Bina Precast been able to build  and to achieve a quantum leap in the level of providing products and services of concrete conforming to the highest standards of quality and efficiency that match their counterparts provided by major international companies, thereby enhancing its avant-garde as a group, industrial and economic leader that enjoy with reliability and excellence. We are proud of our Bina Precast team, which includes more than 1300 employee with caliber and high level of expertise in various fields from administrative, marketing, engineering, technical, financial, in addition to employment qualified and trained to the higheststandards andinternational best practices.

Mr. Ahmed Al Osaimi